HLC Self Study
Chapter 8 Graphic


Considered a college for the community, Estrella Mountain builds and fosters strong relationships with educational partners, community leaders and industry partners that are specifically designed to promote student success. The College cares about its constituencies and invests in relationships, partnerships, programs, and services to facilitate positive outcomes. Estrella Mountain has strived to invite and involve all constituent groups in establishing responsive, creative and stimulating programs and services for students.  Estrella Mountain Community College continually solicits feedback from all constituents, utilizing their input to make improvements and enhance the educational experience for West Valley students.

The following Strengths, Challenges and Recommendations serve as documentation that Estrella Mountain is meeting the needs of the West Valley community.


  • Estrella Mountain Community College identifies and serves its constituencies in mutually valuable ways. The College is proactive in creating collaborative educational, business and community partnerships.
  • Estrella Mountain Community College gains immediate qualitative and quantitative feedback from its communities regarding its perceptions of the College’s performance. Estrella Mountain also solicits feedback from local businesses regarding the competitiveness of workforce program certificates and degrees.
  • The College works with local industries to develop beneficial and future-focused workforce training programs.
  • Estrella Mountain Community College actively engages in learning-centered efforts to improve services and support for underprepared students.
  • The College provides a variety of programs designed to engage and serve diverse constituencies through clubs and organizations, Athletics and Student Government.
  • Estrella Mountain connects with its surrounding West Valley communities by providing open access to its facilities for their use.
  • The College works to develop strong collaborative partnerships to meet and address the needs of its constituencies in a desire to produce positive educational outcomes for its communities. This is shown through it efforts in the areas of outreach and access programs, occupational training and career planning and policies and practices to increase university transfer.
  • Estrella Mountain’s strong commitment to underserved populations is demonstrated through a variety of distinctive early outreach initiatives and programs.
  • The Kuder Career Assessment program has been shared with 12 feeder high schools. Forty¬-two high school counselors have been trained in the use of KUDER, and 6,650 students have completed the Interest section. The College benefits from knowing the career interests of incoming students and communicates that information with its constituencies.
  • Estrella Mountain Community College provides numerous educational opportunities for its communities to promote life-long learning.


  • The College faces challenges in terms of physical space and increasing requests for use of its facilities.
  • Estrella Mountain Community College has limited opportunities for students to get involved in community volunteerism.
  • The College’s Service Learning program lacks in systematic coordination and facilitation of efforts.
  • Student satisfaction with college Advising continues to rank slightly below the national average.


  • Estrella Mountain Community College needs to develop a Service Learning office designed to solicit both Service Learning opportunities for students and program partnerships with community organizations and business leaders.
  • A database system is needed to collect engagement and service project data on a regular basis.
  • The College needs to continue to improve Advising services.