HLC Self Study
Chapter 3 Graphic


Estrella Mountain Community College and the SouthWest Skill Center have successfully addressed the following four challenge areas cited in the 2002 Higher Learning Commission’s comprehensive visit:

  1. Assessment of student academic achievement
  2. Specialized marketing and promotional materials
  3. Fine arts, humanities and occupational programs
  4. Americans with Disabilities Act plan

Estrella Mountain and the SouthWest Skill Center have also taken advantage of the opportunities for improvement presented as a result of the Higher Learning Commission’s comprehensive visit in 2002:

  • Adjunct faculty without a master’s degree
  • Review of the organization and the reporting functions
  • Systematic review and analysis of a college-wide course schedule
  • Integration of the SouthWest Skill Center and the College
  • A college gallery and permanent collection
  • Consideration of a child development center
  • Inclusion of evening assignments in more residential faculty and residential counseling faculty schedules

Addressing these challenges and opportunities for improvement in a systematic fashion, employees worked collaboratively across diverse areas of the College to further enhance the excellent services that the Institution provides for its community.

The following chapters that address the HLC’s five criteria for evaluation serve as evidence that Estrella Mountain Community College is future-oriented, learning-centered, connected, and distinctive.