HLC Self Study
Chapter 3 Graphic

Second Concern

“The College must be more timely and responsive to requests for specialized marketing and promotional materials.”

Estrella Mountain responded to this concern shortly after the 2002 Institutional Self-Study findings were made public. The Office of Institutional Advancement, which once housed fundraising, marketing and public relations, was split into two separate divisions, with the fundraising section of Institutional Advancement reporting to the College President. The Marketing and Public Relations (MPR) Division was created and placed under the Vice President of Administrative Services. A change in physical location, along with the implementation of a client-based service model, demonstrated a visual and operational shift in the way the MPR Division interacted with the college environment. The changes provided the MPR Division with the ability to provide timely support of promotional materials. Eventually, due to increased District initiatives, the reporting structure was modified so the MPR Division once again reports directly to the College President.

Using a proactive versus a reactive strategy development process, the Marketing and Public Relations Division has increased communication and responsiveness. The MPR Division works with Division Chairs, Directors and Senior Leadership to determine what communication needs exist and how they support the College’s strategic directions. The MPR Division aligns the development of its marketing strategies with institutional research data, District priorities and community input.

The MPR Division has developed all of the specific items indicated in the 2002 Visiting Team Report. These include the following: program-specific materials, a view book, program book, and other recruitment materials and promotional tools. The Marketing and Public Relations Division categorizes requests into three categories. Below are just a few samples from each category:

  • Advertising Campaign
    • English as a Second Language radio
    • SouthWest Skill Center advertising
    • Fitness Center promotion
  • Community Awareness/Outreach
    • Black History Month
    • Hispanic Heritage Month
    • Native American History Month
  • Student Support Projects