HLC Self Study
Chapter 3 Graphic

Response to Opportunities for Institutional Improvement

The Evaluation Team report dated February 25-27, 2002, identified eight opportunities for institutional improvement. Since that time, the opportunities outlined by the team have served as a catalyst for changes at the institution. These changes address the following areas:

  • Adjunct faculty
  • Organizational review and reporting functions
  • Review and analysis of a college-wide course schedule
  • Continued integration of the SouthWest Skill Center and the College
  • Identification of a college art gallery and a permanent collection
  • Addition of a Child Development Center for preschool children of students and staff
  • Increase in full-time faculty and residential counseling faculty schedules that include evening assignments
  • Inclusion of the management of the SouthWest Skill Center’s student records in the PeopleSoft Student Information System