HLC Self Study
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Maricopa County Community College District Leadership

 All Maricopa colleges and skill centers are overseen by a single Chancellor and Governing Board and, according to Arizona Revised Statute ARS15-1444, are united by a common mission statement. A number of policies and administrative decisions are made at the District level and require Governing Board approval, such as salary, hiring and terms of employment, as well as interactions with federal, state and local government entities.

The Maricopa County Community College District Governing Board recently experienced a period of leadership transition. With the sudden resignation of the Board president, the subsequent appointment of a replacement and a recent election, the Board acquired two new members during the 2010-2011 academic year. Board members are elected as representatives of the geographical districts of Maricopa County in staggered, six-year terms. Their five districts reflect the five County Supervisor Districts. Four Governing Board members’ terms expire within the next four years. The Governing Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month for a study session or strategic conversation, and on the fourth Tuesday of the month for its regular scheduled meeting when official actions are taken on agenda items.

The Chancellor of the Maricopa County Community College District is supported by the Chancellor’s Executive Council, an executive team that consists of the following:

  • Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
  • Four Vice Chancellors
  • Ten College Presidents
  • District Faculty Senate President
  • District Faculty Senate President-Elect

After decades of stability in leadership, the District experienced a dramatic change that included an almost complete transition of leadership at the highest levels of the organization. Of the 15 members of the Chancellor’s Executive Council, nine members have been there for less than three years.