HLC Self Study
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Kuder Career Assessment

Estrella Mountain Community College provides students and high school partners with access to robust career planning tools that allow students to build an educational and career plan mapped to employment opportunities in the local area. Estrella Mountain students enrolled in college success courses complete a career profile through Kuder and then meet with a program-specific advisor to develop an educational plan mapped to their career choice. 

Beginning in 2009, all Arizona high school students are required to complete an Educational and Career Action Plan (ECAP).  In response, Estrella Mountain provides feeder high schools with access to the Kuder Career Assessment tool.  The College then accesses the data in effort to provide specific enrollment and advisement information to incoming freshmen. The data from Kuder also provides an opportunity for the Institution to share emerging trends regarding students’ employment interests with local businesses and the economic development community.

The data are matched with labor market and college program information.  To date, over 6,650 students have completed a Kuder Career Interest survey. Top interest areas are:

  • Health science
  • Finance
  • Law/public safety
  • Agriculture, food and natural resources

As of the 2010-2011 academic year, Estrella Mountain has trained 42 high school counselors to use Kuder in their schools.