HLC Self Study
Chapter 6 Graphic

Hiring Quality Faculty

Estrella Mountain follows the Maricopa County Community College District’s established set of minimum qualifications for the hiring of all faculty. A few teaching areas have additional qualifications that are discipline specific. Positions are advertised locally and nationally through print and electronic resources to attract a diverse pool of applicants. The College is in the process of revamping job postings to emphasize the organizational commitment to learning.

At Estrella Mountain, all hiring committee chairs must complete training through the Maricopa County Community College District. The District program entitled Hiring the Best addresses:

  • Roles and responsibilities of selection committee chairperson and members for conducting inclusive, equitable and defensible processes
  • Hiring cycle procedures, techniques and forms
  • Hiring cycle phases, which are preparation, screening, interviewing, and reference checking

During this workshop, committee chairs also learn how to create and use candidate qualification rubrics. One of the committee chair’s responsibilities is to teach the other committee members how to evaluate candidates and ask follow-up questions.