HLC Self Study
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General Education Program

To reflect the intent of the General Education program, which is to develop the attitudes and skills required of students in a diverse world, the District Curriculum Committee adopted a General Education Statement in 2002.  The General Education Statement appears in each Institution’s Academic Catalog and states:

The general education core of the program of study for an associate degree or a certificate helps students develop a greater understanding of themselves, of their relationship with others, and of the richly diverse world in which they live. The general education experience provides students with opportunities to explore broad areas of commonly held knowledge and prepares them to contribute to society through personal, social and professional interactions with others. General education fosters students’ personal development by opening them to new directions, perspectives and processes. (2010–2011 Estrella Mountain Community College Academic Catalog)

The Maricopa County Community College District Arizona General Education Curriculum (District’s AGEC) is a 35-38 semester-credit General Education certificate that fulfills lower-division requirements for students planning to transfer to any Arizona public university. The District’s AGEC transfers as a block of credits, which apply to graduation requirements for the AGEC-designated university major. AGEC credit awarded for completion of course work or for prior learning also applies to the university major for which it was designed. There are three AGEC blocks:

  • Arizona General Education Curriculum in Liberal Arts (AGEC A)
  • Arizona General Education Curriculum in Business (AGEC B)
  • Arizona General Education Curriculum in Science (AGEC S)

The following degrees are available through Estrella Mountain: