HLC Self Study
Chapter 3 Graphic

Fourth Opportunity for Improvement

“Efforts to integrate the SouthWest Skill Center and the College should continue.”

Placement testing was the first of several areas where the SouthWest Skill Center and College operational areas integrated. From 2001-2008, the SouthWest Skill Center originally partnered with Rio Salado College to administer the Test of Adult Education (TABE) placement test. Students who were unsuccessful on the TABE test were offered remediation services through Rio Salado College. In 2008, SouthWest Skill Center students began to take the Accuplacer placement test at the Testing Center in Komatke Hall, the College’s Student Services building. Once students take the Accuplacer placement test, they are advised about programs that Estrella Mountain offers. 

Career counseling is another area in which the SouthWest Skill Center and the College have integrated. A SouthWest Skill Center staff member now coordinates with Komatke Hall staff to offer services regarding information about career opportunities and educational/occupational planning. Kuder, a career planning software program, is available to all students to help them engage in advancing, changing or finding a career.

Advisement is another area where the SouthWest Skill Center and the College have integrated. From 2001-2008, there was just one advisor who met with students on an appointment basis at either Komatke Hall or the SouthWest Skill Center. Beginning in 2008, the SouthWest Skill Center expanded to three advisors, all located in Komatke Hall:

  1. Nursing Assistant/Practical Nursing
  2. Registered Nursing
  3. Allied Health, Emergency Medical Technology and Distribution Logistics Technician

In addition, the Estrella Mountain Community College Coordinator of Advising and Enrollment now coordinates advisement and other student services with Komatke Hall and the SouthWest Skill Center. The Counseling Division offers combined workshops related to career, academic and personal success for both the SouthWest Skill Center and the College. Finally, Advisement Services coordinates with Placement Testing and Career Counseling at one location in Komatke Hall.

As a division of the College, the SouthWest Skill Center has developed consistent and consolidated Admissions and Records services. In 2008, the SouthWest Skill Center moved its fiscal department under the supervision and direction of the College’s Director of Fiscal Services. The SouthWest Skill Center’s Financial Aid Services (FAS) were combined with those from the College, and the Southwest Skill Center’s FAS staff member began working under the supervision of the College’s Financial Aid Director. Additionally, dedicated SouthWest Skill Center staff began to collaborate with the College’s Division of Marketing and Public Relations as well as the Division of Recruitment Services. As for technology, responsibility for the Southwest Skill Center’s technology purchasing and replacement planning was moved to the College’s Information Technology (IT) Division. In 2009, the SouthWest Skill Center’s IT supervision was changed from the SouthWest Skill Center to the College’s IT Director. Estrella Mountain Community College provides support and technical training for the SouthWest Skill Center staff.  Finally in 2009, the SouthWest Skill Center’s Human Resources and Estrella Mountain Community College’s Human Resources were integrated.