HLC Self Study
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Financial Support for Life-Long Learning

The planning and pattern of financial allocation by the Maricopa County Community College District demonstrates that the organization values and promotes a life of learning for students, faculty and staff. This has resulted in a financial commitment to support learning in a variety of formats, venues and activities that involve and engage their respective communities. For example, the District provides every employee group financial support for professional development as outlined in Figure 57.

Figure 57

Since 2008, Estrella Mountain has invested over $170,000 in the faculty development of online and hybrid courses. To further support innovation in the classroom, the College has committed $30,000 annually for Estrella Mountain Learning College Grants, which are awarded through the Center for Teaching and Learning. These funds support innovative projects that are designed to improve, advance and enrich student learning through employee collaboration. During spring 2011, six Learning College Grants were awarded for the fall 2011 semester. Examples of projects include integrated learning communities (Astronomy and Math Research, Developmental Math and College Success Skills), a micro-herbarium and an online resource environment for adjunct faculty in the Behavioral Sciences and Cultural Studies Division.

Estrella Mountain has also made a commitment to fund the conference registration fees for employees to attend the League of Innovation Learning College Summit. Since 2008, over 100 employees have attended this annual conference to gain a greater understanding of the characteristics and energy required to become a learning-centered institution.

The College also offers the Foundations of Student Services certificate program. This program is designed for employees within the District who are new to the profession of student services and for those who would like to pursue a career in it. Within the Student Affairs Division, learning hours are also scheduled monthly for all Estrella Mountain Student Services staff. Each month, topics covering areas such as conflict management, professionalism and the fundamentals of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) are highlighted.