HLC Self Study
Chapter 3 Graphic

Fifth Opportunity for Improvement

“A College gallery should be identified to give greater visibility to student and community artwork, and a permanent collection established for exceptional examples.”

Estrella Mountain Community College has engaged in specific work at the community, institutional and academic levels to expand fine arts courses, experiences and specialized learning spaces for students.  Integral to the expansion has been a focus on diversity across the fine arts curriculum and within the College’s visual exhibition program. While a dedicated, enclosed art gallery has not been established at the College, work within Estrella Mountain Community College’s Visual Exhibition Program has expanded opportunities for students and community arts organizations to showcase and learn from visual art at the College. A remodel, completed in August of 2002, provided the campus with the Plaza Gallery, a space that serves as an intimate venue for arts instruction, art receptions, performances, and official events at the College.

In 2003, Estrella Mountain established its Visual Exhibition Program. The mission of this program is as follows: Estrella Mountain Community College’s Visual Exhibition Program places temporary art shows throughout the College to provide students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors the opportunity to encounter diverse artwork in their daily life on campus. The goal of this program is to present a wide variety of quality educational and cultural perspectives, expressed through various artistic media, to engage the passer-by and provide a learning experience for all viewers. The guiding principles are as follows:

The Visual Exhibition Program will:

  • Display juried or curated shows on designated themes
  • Review proposals and/or solicit new exhibitions from campus and community arts entities
  • Seek out displays aligned to the vision, mission, goals, and core values of the College
  • Include information (didactics must be provided by source of exhibition)
  • Display diverse points of view throughout any academic year

In the future, Estrella Mountain Community College will designate/design an enclosed, permanent gallery space that can house more controversial art offerings. This type of space can provide a clear explanation of the nature of the work so that visitors can make an informed choice about whether to enter the space and view the exhibition. This college gallery will be housed in the Performing Arts Center, which is in the beginning planning phases.