HLC Self Study
Chapter 8 Graphic

External and Internal Constituencies

A key to Estrella Mountain’s success is the organizational commitment to understand the needs of the external and internal constituents it serves. Identified by the College as key stakeholders, external constituencies of Estrella Mountain include civic organizations, community and business partners, other educational institutions, and local governments. Internal constituents include employees, students and other colleges across the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD). Focused on continuously improving in order to meet the needs of the West Valley community, Estrella Mountain learns from these constituencies using methods such as environmental scanning, community advisory councils, student forums, and the Learning College Inventory. 

Environmental Scanning

As explored in Chapter 5: Criterion 2, the College utilizes environmental scanning to determine the emerging needs of the West Valley community. Recent trends at both the State and national levels have had a major impact on Estrella Mountain. Shifting needs of business and industry, along with an increasingly underprepared student population, are just two examples of outcomes that have resulted in the development of new programs and services.