HLC Self Study
Chapter 6 Graphic

Evaluation of Learning support services

Estrella Mountain Community College regularly evaluates learning support services to assess their effectiveness in supporting teaching and learning.  Student, faculty and tutor surveys are gathered yearly to measure and evaluate the level of student satisfaction with provided services. In certain occupational programs such as nursing, post-graduation surveys are sent out on an annual basis to evaluate learning support services specific to that program. Student use of campus-based learning support services is documented through the software program TutorTrac. In addition, student academic performance and retention are measured each semester. Collected data does demonstrate a positive relationship between student’s engagement with campus learning support services and their overall success and retention. A Learning Support Services Annual Report is created to communicate data and to inform improvements to the various services. Over the past several academic years, student use data and correlating student success rates have resulted in learning support services receiving additional budget allocations of both permanent and one-time-only funds through the College’s Budget Development Steering Team.