HLC Self Study
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Estrella Mountain Community College

Estrella Mountain Community College fairly and consistently adheres to District policies that outline the rights and responsibilities of the College’s various employee groups. Policies are readily available to all students and employees, and the College responds to the complaints and grievances of both students and employees in a timely manner. Estrella Mountain presents itself accurately to its community and fully complies with all regulatory agencies.

Rights and Responsibilities

Estrella Mountain Community College consistently implements clear and fair policies regarding the rights and responsibilities of each of its internal constituencies. District employee group policy manuals are updated annually and establish the rights, responsibilities, employment conditions, compensation, grievance procedure, and hiring practices for each of the employee groups.

The Maricopa County Community College District annually publishes the Blue Book. The Blue Book is a living document that features select Governing Board policies and administrative regulations of the District, as well as the All Employee policy manual. Examples include the standards for professional conduct, and the terms and conditions of employment that are based on federal statutes and are consistent across all employee groups.


Estrella Mountain Community College presents itself accurately and honestly to the public. The Higher Learning Commission, a member of the North Central Association, has continuously accredited Estrella Mountain Community College since 1997.  In its most recent accreditation process in 2002, Estrella Mountain was accredited for 10 years, which is the maximum award possible. Estrella Mountain conducts itself in full compliance with all federal, state and local regulatory agencies, which govern conditions of employment, public education and workplace safety.

Policies and Manuals

Estrella Mountain Community College documents timely response to complaints and grievances, particularly those of students. The Institution, in accordance with Arizona state law and the Maricopa County Community College District, has clearly stated policies in place to maintain a safe environment.  Policies are included in the Student Handbook, College Catalog, in District employee policy manuals, and throughout administrative regulations.