HLC Self Study
Chapter 7 Graphic

Day of Learning

At Estrella Mountain Community College, the organizational commitment to learning extends to all employees. In fall 2007, the College launched its first annual Day of Learning. The Day of Learning provides opportunities for all employees to do the following:

  • Create and/or renew friendships and professional relationships
  • Revitalize the mind, body and spirit through new learning experiences
  • Embrace organizational change
  • Have fun

Held once a year, the Day of Learning begins with an all-employee breakfast and meeting. Day of Learning sessions are held throughout the day in the form of presentations, workshops and forums that are developed and facilitated by Estrella Mountain faculty and staff.  Examples of the breadth of program offerings include sessions such as How to Use the iPad/iPhone to Improve Learning, Emergency Preparedness and Behavioral Assessment. Employees are encouraged to join the activities throughout the day as their schedules permit. All supervisors are encouraged to work with staff to enable attendance at sessions of interest. In fall 2010 and 2011, Student Services closed for half a day in order to allow all employees to attend Day of Learning activities.