HLC Self Study
Chapter 6 Graphic

Curriculum Development

At Estrella Mountain, faculty members drive all curriculum development. Residential faculty members initiate curriculum proposals for new courses and programs with support from the Curriculum Development Facilitator (CDF, a faculty member) and share the proposals with Division Chairs, Deans and Vice Presidents. Proposals address university requirements, workforce trends, student demand, and the need to offer a relevant, comprehensive and coherent curriculum. Proposals are then reviewed by the following:

  • Curriculum and Product Development Committee: This highly collaborative committee includes representatives from across the College who support the development and implementation of curriculum. 
  • Instructional Councils: Proposals must be reviewed by the respective discipline-specific committees for each content area.  They are comprised of faculty representatives, one from each college in the District. 
  • Early Alert:  For occupational courses and programs, an early alert is sent out by the initiating college so that other colleges will have an advance notice that a proposal may have an impact on their course or program offerings.
  • District Curriculum Committee (DCC): After review by the appropriate Instructional Council, the membership, which includes a faculty representative (the CDF) and an administrative representative (Dean or Vice President) from each college in the District, votes to approve or reject a particular proposal.
  • Governing Board:  Following a vote by the DCC, proposals are forwarded to the Governing Board for final approval. Additional curriculum approvals for certificates and programs are also required by the Higher Learning Commission and Department of Education for certain offerings before marketing and subsequent enrollment may occur.