HLC Self Study
Chapter 8 Graphic

Criterion 5: Service and Engagement

As called for by its mission, Estrella Mountain Community College identifies its constituencies and serves them in ways both value.

At the heart of Estrella Mountain Community College’s mission has always been an inherent desire to connect with and respond effectively to the various communities that the College serves. Estrella Mountain seeks out community members and various professionals to serve on advisory boards and committees. Student forums are held to gain valuable feedback on issues such as financial aid, administration updates, tuition increases, and accreditation. The conversations that result provide the College with insight about the needs of its various constituencies and how to best meet those needs. In its desire to provide valuable services to its communities, the College is working to build and develop additional sites to meet growing demands, improve the achievement of underprepared students, meet with and solicit feedback from constituencies, and offer interesting and exciting programs that engage diverse populations.