HLC Self Study
Chapter 5 Graphic

Criterion 2: Preparing for the Future

Estrella Mountain Community College’s allocation of resources and its processes for evaluation and planning demonstrate its capacity to fulfill its mission, improve the quality of its education and respond to future challenges and opportunities.

Shaped by a vision that strives to prepare all learners to achieve their dreams and transform their lives, Estrella Mountain Community College’s processes and institutional resources demonstrate a future-oriented approach to planning. All college planning processes are strongly guided by environmental forces such as trends, demographics, community needs, and competition. Coordinated planning and budget activities are driven by the College’s vision, mission and academic priorities. The allocation of institutional resources demonstrates Estrella Mountain’s capacity to fulfill its mission, while being responsive to future challenges and opportunities. As part of a continuous improvement process, institutional assessments such as core indicators, Program Review, the Community College Survey of Student Engagement, and Student Academic Achievement Outcomes are all linked to planning efforts, enabling the continuous improvement of learning experiences for students.