HLC Self Study
Chapter 5 Graphic

Core Component 2D

All levels of planning at Estrella Mountain Community College align with Estrella Mountain Community College’s mission, thereby enhancing its capacity to fulfill that mission.

Planning at Estrella Mountain

Coordinated planning processes center around on the vision, mission and core values of Estrella Mountain Community College. The Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (OPIE) provides continuous evaluation processes, which demonstrate that the College’s performance meets its stated expectations for institutional effectiveness.

Implementation of Estrella Mountain Community College’s planning is evident in its daily operations. Long-range strategic planning processes allow for reprioritization of goals. All planning documents are reviewed on an annual basis and updated to reflect emerging needs and environmental influences.

Through its planning processes, the College demonstrates its capacity to fulfill its mission, improve the quality of learning and respond to future challenges and opportunities. Planning documents give evidence of Estrella Mountain’s awareness of the relationships among educational quality, student learning and the diverse, complex, global and technological world in which Estrella Mountain Community College and its students exist.

Estrella Mountain’s current strategic planning process demonstrates an integrated planning approach that is constantly analyzed, regularly updated and guided by strategic directions to achieve the vision and mission of the Institution.  The collaborative planning process encourages linkages among college-wide plans, strategic directions and divisional/operational plans. This collaboration also supports multi-level approaches to planning that increase relevancy of the plans and values input from all areas of the Institution.  The recent alignment to the Learning College Principles in institutional planning processes reinforces a long-standing culture committed to continuous improvement and learning.  Figure 42 illustrates this integrated approach to planning.

Figure 42