HLC Self Study
Chapter 4 Graphic

Core Component 1A

Estrella Mountain Community College’s mission documents are clear and articulate publicly the College’s commitments.

Estrella MountaIn VIsIon, MIssIon and Values

Estrella Mountain Community College purposefully aligns its vision and mission in a consistent manner with the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) while allowing the Institution to meet the distinct needs of its community. 

Estrella Mountain has adopted core values, strategic directions and organizational priorities that together clearly and broadly support the overall vision and mission of the College and the District. These are demonstrated through planning efforts focused on learning. College statements are publically disseminated via the Academic Catalog, course schedules, college website, student publications, campus displays, and handouts for all employees.

Vision, Mission and Core Values Alignment with Learning

In spring 2007, Estrella Mountain began an organizational culture shift aimed at transitioning the College environment from a focus on growth to a focus on learning. Considered a Learning College Journey, emphasis was placed on changing the culture from one that used enrollment growth as the primary driver for all institutional planning, to one that placed learning at the center of all programs, procedures and processes. Goals include strengthening college planning efforts and increasing the following: collaboration among divisions and departments, participation in college initiatives and planning processes and employee awareness about their contribution to student learning.

As a result, Estrella Mountain completed a two-year comprehensive review of its vision, mission and core values statements. This process was all-inclusive and included input from students, community members and employees. The intent was to determine if the College’s vision, mission and core values clearly reflected a learning-centered philosophy and aligned with recent changes to the Maricopa County Community College District mission, vision and core values. The new college statements were presented to the Governing Board in fall 2010.  In spring 2011, the new vision, mission and core values were widely publicized to employees, students and community members.

Mission documents are available on Estrella Mountain’s website and can also be found in the Academic Catalog, course schedule and college website. The following table illustrates the new Estrella Mountain vision, mission, and core value statements and their alignment with those of the District.

Figure 15