HLC Self Study
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Community Capital Program Partnerships

Complementary to the capital development program, the College has established creative partnerships that have increased services to the community. These partnerships, along with the implementation of Phase III of Estrella Mountain’s Master Plan, further the College’s progress toward becoming a comprehensive Learning College focused on the future.

Buckeye Educational Center (2011)

In partnership with the Town of Buckeye and Buckeye Union High School, Estrella Mountain has shared the costs associated with remodeling an educational facility.  Adjacent to Buckeye Union High School, the newly remodeled Estrella Mountain Buckeye Educational Center provides expanded educational opportunities and services for the residents of Buckeye and its surrounding areas. The center, which opened in September 2011, furthers the College’s long-term strategic plans by enhancing Estrella Mountain’s presence in its service region. Estrella Mountain currently owns an 80 acre parcel of land in the Town of Buckeye.  Located 22 miles from the main campus, the parcel of land will eventually serve as a future campus site and allow the College to further meet the needs of a growing West Valley community.

The Estrella Mountain Community College Buckeye Educational Center consists of the following: six classrooms, tutoring rooms, administrative support spaces, faculty and staff work areas, and student advisement/counseling.  The center will serve as a course location until approval is granted by the Higher Learning Commission to establish the center as an official “additional location” of the College.

Northwest Public Safety Facility (2011)

This 19,000-square-foot facility was built in partnership with the City of Avondale and consists of a fire station, a police substation, college classrooms, and the College’s Public Safety offices.

Transit Center/Additional Parking/New Thomas Road Entry (2008)

Estrella Mountain, in partnership with the City of Avondale, completed a bus transit center, bringing approximately five more bus lines to the College and adding a safe walkway from the transit center to nearby classroom buildings. Estrella Mountain also created more than 330 parking spaces. As part of the project, a second entry/exit to Thomas Road was constructed to allow for increased traffic access.