HLC Self Study
Chapter 7 Graphic

Center for Teaching and Learning

As outlined in Chapter 6: Criterion 3, the Estrella Mountain Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) has historically provided a supportive environment for faculty to experiment, explore, develop, implement, and share ideas and experiences for the advancement of student learning. A major part of the College’s Learning College Journey is the establishment of professional development opportunities that prepare all employees to become more effective facilitators of learning. As a result, during the fall 2010 semester, a qualitative study was conducted to interview employee groups to obtain input on the long-term direction of the Center for Teaching and Learning. The CTL Revision Project coordinated and worked with groups of faculty, administrators and staff to identify employee development needs, identify resources and/or partnerships to meet those needs and establish recommendations for the future organizational structure of the CTL. 

After review of the CTL Revision Project report, the President requested that the existing CTL Advisory Committee be expanded to include a representative from every employee group and charged the committee with identifying the essential professional development elements for Estrella Mountain employees. Outlined in Figure 56, the committee identified the essential elements for faculty development (focused on teaching and learning), staff development (focused on career training and advancement) and professional development for Estrella Mountain employees. Estrella Mountain will pilot the new CTL model in 2011-2012.

Figure 56